• Spinning Top
    This section of text will tell you all about the spinning tops when it is updated.
  • Hillingdon Artists pop up shop
    At the Hillingdon Artists pop up shop. These skeleton clocks are the latest addition to my display.Sales have been very good but are slowing up a bit since Christmas so a change in my display is good.The… Read more: Hillingdon Artists pop up shop
  • Crafts Afternoon
    We had a nice day on Saturday at the Eastcote House and Gardens Picnic. The weather was very good and the event was well attended. Sales were quite good and we had a lot of positive feedback… Read more: Crafts Afternoon
  • YewTube Amplifier
    Yew Tube Phone Amplifier. Acoustic amplifier for a mobile phone Hand turned from a Yew log put your phone in the slot and it amplifies it up to 6 times. no leads no batteries no electricity whatsoever.… Read more: YewTube Amplifier
  • Christmas Bauble
    This is a Bauble that I made for Christmas last year, It has a glass globe lit by an LED string and the finials are turned from Zebrano. It is about 10″ high This inspiration for this… Read more: Christmas Bauble
  • Christmas Pyramid
    Christmas Pyramid.Made from Beech, Hazel and Eastern Red Cedar.It has 42 components and is driven by candle power.
  • Christmas Gifts
    Getting in the festive spirit. Turning a bauble for the tree.I have also been making some Yo-yos and door signs for the grandchildren.
  • Segmented Bracelet
    In February I demonstrated making segmented bangles to Berkshire Woodturning club. I was very pleased when one of their members contacted me and sent this photo of the one she had made. A very nice job. She… Read more: Segmented Bracelet